Same old Jay Vs. The Same old Packers

The Bears played a hard fought game on Sunday but fell short. Or did they? Is this team really as good as we all think they are? I for one am not so sure anymore. Sure the D is banged up losing Tillman and having Allen, Ratliff, Mclellin all out with injuries. But the problem might be beyond that, and we could be stuck with that for the next 7 years. The game was great up until the final seconds of the 1st half where the Bears didn’t use a timeout when they probably should have and didn’t finish with a score on the final throw of the half. (I still think that call could have gone either way)


Jay Cutler came in the second half and turned into the Cutler we love to hate. He threw a bad shot into coverage and was picked off, which resulted in 7 points for Green Bay. The next possession, Jay became Jay yet again and threw another interception on a miscue with himself and Marshall ( I still blame Cutler because he is the head of the offense, and should make sure he is on the same page with his receivers before leaving the huddle), which resulted in yet again 7 Points for Green Bay. The next possession Cutler was almost picked off a third time, yes a third time but was lucky for instant replay on all turnovers for comfirmation (I Think Trestman lost a timeout and a challenge on this one as well, come on!).


I am not taking blame off the defense though. Blown coverage, No one protecting the middle (I miss Urlacher, we need a MLB), Getting destroyed and exploited in the Zone coverage. The list goes on. Jared Allen missed the game and that could have proven costly at the wrong time. Maybe they are cursed to never win again in Soldier Field by adding him (I only say that because he said he has never won a game at Soldier Field and would get to on the Bears).


But the questions are there and I won’t hesitate to ask them. Is Jared Allen the new heart of the defense? Will Kyle Fuller learn from his mistakes and bounce back? Will Jay Cutler ever settle down and play an entire game well? Are we as fans stuck hoping for the best from a QB who will never learn and only has 1 victory against our division rivals? Personally I think the answer to some of this are not something to be excited about.


The Bears offense has a top 10 Running back, the top receiver tandem, one of the better tight ends who doesn’t drop many balls….And then…..Jay Cutler….A guy who throws interceptions and refuses to take blame in for them, instead uses the team needs to improve as a whole, and make adjustments. To Jay Cutler I say to you that I am done listening to you tell me “There is a lot of football left to play.” Do yourself a favor. Man up, there is a lot more football to play, and if you come to play, I will congratulate you and cheer for you, but for now, I am sick of seeing you make bad decisions and poor throws and then act like nothing is wrong. (Cubs fans have if hard enough we don’t need it with the Bears as well). But that is just me.

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