Stop calling Derrick Rose a Bum.

So here we go again. Derrick Rose takes an elbow to the face during the first practice of the year for the Chicago Bulls and needs surgery to fix. Surgery…Again…Sound familiar? Well this sounds like something horrible and bad and a setback, this tends to be a 3 – 4 week sideline for the Bulls starting point guard. With the season starting in less than 30 days, the time table could prove to see Rose return for the Bulls season opener vs the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 27th.

   “Let the bashing begin!” says fans and the twitter world. Fans are entitled to their say, as I am a fan and have plenty of my own opinions on things. Some were still trying to break down his statements on free agency in 2017 when the news came through of this injury, giving them more than enough to use against him. But when a player gets injured, especially a former MVP, does that mean it is time to call him a Bum? A guy who was the MVP of the NBA? A Guy who was Rookie of the year? Someone who plays as hard as he can and during said MVP year was making players look silly and college level? Maybe because of the Derrick Rose rule contract? Because he plays for Chicago, is a star and not named Michael Jordan? Maybe he didn’t show up for a “Practice?”. While you all want to bash a guy while he is down and still returning from 3 knee surgeries. Lets take a look at some other players who have had some similar injuries at Rose as of late and how they have fared.


ACL Injuries:

1. Al Harrington.

2. Al Jefferson.

3. David West..

4. Jamal Crawford.

Meniscus Tears:

1. J.R. Smith.

2. Russel Westbrook.

3. Blake Griffin.

4. Chris Paul.

5. Dwayne Wade (college)



1. LeBron James

2. Kyrie Irving

3. Anderson Varejao.

4. Chris Bosh

5. Jason Terry

6. Joe Johnson

7. Hedo Turkoglu (twice)


So we go through this list and notice that there are players that have comeback from all the injures Derrick has had. It happens guys, players get injured, some more than others but to say that a player is made out of glass because he had knee problems (which since coming back has played pretty well physically on the floor) and now this issue with the face, is no reason to say he is a bum or done, or never going to return. If those others guys can do it with training hard, hey why couldn’t Rose? Maybe for Chicago fans it is the fact that everyone has had high hopes only to be letdown by them as they have had with numerous Chicago teams and their players (cough Bears cough). Maybe it is the big contract he signed after being named the NBA MVP. Maybe it is because in the past 2 years he has only played a total of 61 NBA games. It could be 2 years in a row he was approved by doctors to return and chose to sit out the remainder of the seasons. Whatever the case. Do not call the man a bum. He came back and maybe only played 51 games, but he also averaged 17.7 pts per game in the first more than half season he played in 3 years.


If he proves to made of glass and can’t stay healthy in the long term. Still keep the respect for the guy. He was the NBA MVP before and if you watch him or see how he trains you would know he gives it his all. I mean the guy trains with Russel Westbrook who some state is the best Point Guard in the NBA and even he says Derrick is just as explosive and good now as he was then.”. But really lets give him a chance at this season to play most of it, show what he can do with finally have an off season to train and not just rehabilitate from surgeries as he has done the past 2 season.


If he doesn’t pan out, so be it. He will be added to the list of What could have beens. I mean I don’t see everyone out there calling Grant Hill a bum or a loser, or Gilbert Arenas. What about Kevin Johnson, Bradon Roy, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Larry Johnson, Penny Hardaway, Bill Walton This happens to players great ones, good ones, bad ones. Lets show some respect for the guy and what he has accomplished so far and plan on seeing him the same or better in the future. I know I am rooting for him, you should to.

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